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Kiva Wildrose

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Friends Only~ [Sep. 18th, 2009|11:15 am]
Kiva Wildrose
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Comment to be added :)
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Weird... [Sep. 17th, 2009|09:54 am]
Kiva Wildrose
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Why is that on the night that I can actually sleep I have a totally fucked up dream? Monday and Tuesday night my uncle stayed over...again, thus preventing me from getting any kind of decent sleep. So last night when I went to bed, I crashed hard. However, as stated already, my dream has left me "wtf-ing"?

Totally Fucked Up DreamCollapse )

Now, I haven't been to my dad's house for the weekend since I was 18. My cats would never have been there AT ALL!!! The dishes was a normal thing though =-P He always made it my job when I was up there to do the dishes. But still why am I having this dream now??? I mean I miss my dad, and I wish I could talk to him but...

Perhaps this dream was to remind me of how he ACTUALLY is instead of how I want him to be. My dad never makes anything easy for anyone. He always seems to like to make things harder than they should be. Perhaps I just being reminded to be thankful for the peaceful year I've had since he hasn't been in my life.

it's sad that I can actually say that: my life is more peaceful without my dad around. I wish things were different with him, I really do. But they aren't. And it's not my fault we aren't talking. I've tried sending him a card and I've tried calling him, hell I even went up there on Father's Day but he wasn't home. What else can I do? I feel like I've tried everything I can try. Maybe it's just time I let this go and give up on it...
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Introversion [Sep. 16th, 2009|09:51 am]
Kiva Wildrose
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fakeFCKRemoveAn Introvert TestCollapse )~lady_kerrianna mentioned to me in comment, introversion. I have known that I'm an introvert for awhile. That's just way obvious to me. I've found "tests" online to tell whether a person is or isn't introverted. Just for fun I took them with a not so surprising result. In this one, the more "trues" you have the more introverted you are. The ones that I've struck through are the "falses"...I think it's quite obvious how many "trues" there are on this list...
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Resume Building [Sep. 15th, 2009|04:00 pm]
Kiva Wildrose
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I was building a resume over at www.indianacareerconnect.com (a job board for ppl in Indiana) and they had lists of categories for your skill. For example: one category was "entertainment and media" and that had a huge list of skills beneath it. You click the box next to the things you've done whether they were in a professional setting or not.

I was able to click THIRTY boxes just in that category!!! I worked behind the scenes for Drama Club in high school and so have experience with spotlights and sound boards and stage make up and acting and costuming. I've also written a scrip myself.

Alot of my writing stuff came into play in the category too. I research alot for my stories and some of the skills were things like: "researching" or "organizing story elements" or "using written word to create a story". I don't remember all of them but DAMN I love when a hobby (that I want to make a living at) actually helps me get a job lol.

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Writer's Block: My Dream Job [Sep. 15th, 2009|11:42 am]
Kiva Wildrose
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What is your dream job? Do you think you'll ever have it?
I'm sure you all know that my dream job is as a writer. I want to make my living writing novels and spinning stories. Writing an article here and there wouldn't be such a bad thing either.

I am determined that someday I will have this job. If I have to have a small part time job on the side to make ends meet that's fine. But someday my main source of income will be as a writer.

Somestimes though, I get discouraged. Mainly just self doubt wiggling it's way in. Especially when severe cases of writer's block hit. When I say writer's block though I don't mean a shortage of ideas, I always have plenty of those. And in fact it may just be ADD rearing it's ugly head. Sometimes it's hard for me to stay with ONE idea and finish it completely through til the end. This has been the case recently. But I have decided that I'm going to stick with one story until it's completed. I am currently working on that short story (it's about a pair of nuns, yes Crystal this was kinda inspired by that convo we had about nuns...STILL perplexed as to how we got on nuns but oh well) and am going to finish it. And then...I'm off to work on my latest idea: Nightmoon.

However, this will all have to be put on hold until this evening becuase today is filled with finishing registering at www.indianacareerconnect.com A job search site for those of us living in Indiana :) Luckily I have headphones to keep me coming :)
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Peition [Sep. 10th, 2009|03:20 pm]
Kiva Wildrose
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Saw this posted in a community here (lesbian) and thought I should pass it on. It's a petition to the members of Congress to not discriminate LGBTers when going through the hiring process. Someone's girlfriend in that community got fired because she was gay! To me, this is totally unacceptable and as most of you on my f-list are at the very least "gay friendly" I thought it might interest you :) I signed it, it'd be awesome if everyone on my f-list signed it too :)

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Quotes [Sep. 9th, 2009|01:09 pm]
Kiva Wildrose
[Current Mood |amusedamused]

some funny quotesCollapse )

These were all posted in lesbianand I couldn't resist reposting them. They are so funny :) They made me LOL.

EDIT: K not all these were funny. I hadn't run every single one before reposting this and the ones I HAD read WERE funny.
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On Angelo~ [Sep. 9th, 2009|12:30 pm]
Kiva Wildrose
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Everyone in the universe will say that their significant other is the best one. It's no secret that I think my boyfriend is the best. But what I mean when I say that is that he's the best FOR ME. I'm not being possessive or anything, I'm just simply stating that while he's the best for me, he may not be the best for say Brooke Shields. It all depends on how personalities match up and various things like that. He says I'm the best but I can tell you that I wouldn't be the best for Hulk Hogan, I couldn't care less about wrestling or any sport for that matter. And I only work out when I have to. You all get my point though right? When someone tells you "you're the best" they mean that you are the best for them.~

That all being said, you may wonder why I say Angelo ([info]ryuukojin) is the best for me. It is true that we are in a long distance relationship and that we have yet to meet 3D and I'm aware that you only see parts of a person over the internet, that some things are still clouded from your vision until you actually do meet 3D. Things like how a person normally dresses, or sits, or how much a person fidgets or talks with their hands, those are all hidden from my field of vision right now unless I choose to ask about them.

But those things don't really matter in how much you love a person. Angelo isn't a goth but if he were, would I love him any less? Would it change my feelings for him at all or make him any less perfect for me? No. Personality matters alot more than any of the previously mentioned things. Personality shines through over the internet and that makes it easy to fall in love with someone you have yet to meet 3D.

There is a saying: "Love isn't finding the perfect person, love is seeing an imperfect person perfectly and loving them anyway". I love that saying. No one is perfect, we all have our flaws. I'm not claiming Angelo is perfect, but he's perfect for me. I always wanted someone who is intelligent, a teddy bear, a geek, funny, an entertainer, sweet, romantic, creative, loving, compassionate, understanding, sympathetic, trustworthy, spiritual, etc. I could go on and on. But the point is, all these qualities seemed to coalesce into one amazing person that I am so blessed to call my boyfriend and to get to share my life with.

It hardly needs to be said after those 4 paragraphs but...I love my boyfriend very much <3 He means the world to me and always will.

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Ganked from naurwen [Sep. 9th, 2009|09:01 am]
Kiva Wildrose
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memeCollapse )or ryuukojin

22. Bird watcher?

23. Are you a morning person or a night person?
total night owl

24. Do you have any pets?
3 kitties

25. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share?
not really 

26. What did you want to be when you were little?
teacher, musician, zoologist, writer

27. What is your best childhood memory?
Vacationing with my grandparents in FL on Spring Break...so many good memories

28. Are you a cat or dog person?
Cat...definitely cat

29. Are you married?

30. Always wear your seat belt?

31. Been in a car accident?
yup, 2

32. Any pet peeves?
who doesn't have pet peeves?

33. Favorite Pizza Toppings?
veggie pizza

34. Favorite Flower?
sunflowers...to recieve? roses probably...or an orchid, I love orchids

35. Favorite ice cream?
it varies...right now it's just plain chocolate

36. Favorite fast food restaurant?
if I had to say one: taco bell. It's pretty much the only one I eat at anymore

37. How many times did you fail your driver's test?

38. From whom did you get your last email?
Janelle-my cousin

39. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?
hahahaha any bookstore or craft store or witchy store

40. Do anything spontaneous lately?
randomly last night decide to go over to crys's today?

41. Like your job?
I need a job

42. Broccoli?
mmm yum

43. What was your favorite vacation?

44. Last person you went out to dinner with?
my mom

45. What are you listening to right now?
people talking

46. What is your favorite color?
purple green and blue

47. How many tattoos do you have?
0 but want many

48. How many are you tagging for this quiz?
crysthewolfand ryuukojin...so 2 lol (though the latter is not likely to do it =-P)

49. What time did you finish this quiz?

50. Coffee Drinker?
only if it's flavored coffee</div></div>

I'm feeling slightly better than I was last night. A few conversation I had last night certainly helped :) As did my cat's crazy antics. They are always good for a laugh lol
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Visits From Ganesh~ [Sep. 8th, 2009|10:29 am]
Kiva Wildrose
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[Current Mood |awakeawake]

Last night I was in a state of half awake/half asleepness. I was texting back and forth with Angelo and in between texts I would fall asleep only to be jolted awake a few seconds later by my phone vibrating in my hand. It's ok, I love chatting with him and was particularly wanting to talk wit him last night and honestly I wanted to keep talking however I think we were both tired and both fell asleep. Therefore preventing us from talking further =-P

However, during one of the intervals I fell asleep and actually dreamt of Ganesha. I don't remember the dream exactly (unfortunately), I dont' remember anything about it at all actually except that He was there. Perhaps it was because I had been praying to Him earlier and thanking Him for the joy in my life. Perhaps it's just Him calling to me again. This is probably the third time (atleast) that He's visited me in my dreams, which I'm told is how He likes to appear to people at first.

Awhile ago I did some research on him and fell in love with Him and His symbolism and everything. I've been praying to Him ever since and even have a small "temporary" shrine for Him. It's just something very simply that I can put up long enough to pray to Him and make small offerings to Him. After that, I kinda have to take it down. Well I don't have to but, if my mom saw an image of Ganesha up I'm pretty sure she'd hit the ceiling. And I'm pretty sure she'd figure out that that's not an image of Jesus on that shrine =-P
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